Company Introduction

Z: Zebra
E: endurable
B: bridgeable
R: reputable
A: adaptable

Zebra Technical is a company that produces endurable rubber products and is bridgeable to bridge customers' ideal prototype with the practical techniques to make the most satisfying products. We have the reputable image in the rubber industry and are adaptable to customers' needs and even the industry trends.

Words from the CEO

“I established this company at 25. Now it has been 30 years. Our strategies for production and management are keeping up with the times. We keep on advancing and adjusting our production techniques to make the best products. On management, we insist on employing the talented and skillful people and adopting specialization of labor to rise the production efficiency. The only unchanging thing during 30 years is our insistence of product quality. We never use substandard materials. We let our customers receive the best-quality and high-value products”

Process of Production

● Discussion with customers: By experiential analysis, we understand customers’ needs in order to provide the most suitable dimensions and product portfolio.
● Product design: We have professional 3D drafters and mechanical engineers to design products, and we use 2.5D measurement machine to draft products.
● Mold Processing: Experienced mold engineers in Zebra use CAD/CAM, precise CNC processing machine, and electric discharge machine to make the dimension and shape of the product meet customers’ ideal requirements.
● Fabricating Processing: From material selecting to color mixing, we follow the production SOP to make high-grade silicone rubber blank.
● Post Processing: We have diverse post processing machines to make the touch and texture of goods satisfactory.
● Quality Control: Our experienced quality control engineers assure the quality of products and deliver them to customers on time.

Company Milestones and Achievements

1989 established 1st factory in Taipei, specially manufacturing silicone keypad and rubber products
1992 established 2nd factory in Taipei, introducing Japanese machinery to produce various types of connectors (PITCH. 0.05 TYPE, PITCH. 0.10 TYPE, and PITCH. 0.18 TYPE)
2006 changed the company name from Zebra Rubber to Zebra Techincal
2007 established a plant in Dongguan for making LSR and compression molded rubber products and introduced nano spray coating in clean rooms
2009 established a plant in Suzhou for making rubber keypads
2010 developed long-distance LED lights
2011 massively manufactured LED lights for docks
2014 introduced techniques of spray painting and laser engraving
2015 introduced Swiss electric discharge machine to increase the productivity
2015 introduced flaming machinery to enlarge the diversity of finished goods in back-end of the line
2017 developed a new type of spray painting machinery to higher the yield rate of production.

Quality Certification